Milbat Provides Professional guidance and improvement of independence for people with disabilities

The services rendered by Milbat

Professional counseling for assistive devices

Para- medical counselors who advise regarding assistive devices in order to improve function

Development of special devices & technologies

The development center at  Milbat  specializes in creating unique devices and technologies .

The information site

“Azarim” is the only site in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian concerning technology for people with disabilities.

Education & instruction all over the country

We organize courses and lectures on subjects related to assistive technology, prevention of falling etc.

About Milbat

Milbat is a nonprofit public organization operating throughout Israel to enable people with deterioration in their function to enjoy maximum independence by creating an adapted technologic environment for them. Milbat employs of a team of rehabilitation experts and 600 volunteers who combine knowledge in rehabilitation and technology to supply information and to counsel people with disabilities of all ages in order to improve their function and quality of life.

Activities of Milbat

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