Milbat owes its extensive activity and accomplishments to the work and involvement of volunteers. Milbat incorporates around 600 private individuals, students, and groups of soldiers and employees of various companies from around the country.
We are proud to have received the Presidential Voluntary Award, the Minister of Health’s Shield for volunteers, The Speaker of the Knesset’s Quality of Life Award, the Department of Senior Citizens’ volunteer’s badge, and many more.
How to volunteer
Our volunteers are involved in every aspect of the association’s activity, and volunteering can be done individually or as a group.
You can volunteer from all across the country – there is no need to regularly arrive at the Milbat center at Tel Hashomer hospital.
The possibilities for volunteering are extremely varied, and are determined by personal preference, skillset, and the amount of time available for each of the volunteers.

Volunteering options
Development and design

The development of new, customized accessories and technologies when no appropriate accessory exists in the market that matches the requirements, as well as involvement in the development of means of treatment, special games and sports for use in rehabilitation departments, special education and more. Click here for more info
This requires volunteers with knowledge and experience in engineering, 3D printing, electronics, computer science, product design, graphic design, carpentry, welding, and more.
Each new development accomplished by our volunteers is unique, exclusive, and aimed at answering specific requirements and problems which could not have been solved without their involvement.
Each year, hundreds of accessories, games and musical instruments are developed in Milbat, all of which are the product of numerous hours of design and construction.
The items are sold at symbolic prices, covering only the expenses of making them.
The unique products developed by our volunteers assist disabled people of all ages, from young children to senior citizens, from all across the country and all strata of Israeli society.
In many cases, volunteers spend years working with a particular disabled person, special needs school or kindergarten, hospital department, senior citizen club or rehabilitation center, assisting them as needs and requirements change over time.
While great deal of physical and psychological effort is placed in each of the products, it is the volunteers’ professionalism, tenacity and devotion (and, in many cases, the help of their families as well) which are the ultimate contributors to their unparalleled success in finding the best solution for the people who need their help.


Involvement in the activities of the consultation and information center regarding accessories. This possibility is available for volunteers with medical or paramedical background, possessing knowledge and experience with assistive technology. Click here for more info

Business development

Involvement in business development and marketing Milbat’s activities and technological projects developed in the Petel development center. Link

Guidance, training and publicity

Giving lectures and manning Milbat demonstration and information booths intended to raise awareness of the activities of Milbat association, project “safe as houses” (Link), accessories and new technologies. Activities take place all around the country, in professional conventions and seminars, medical centers, community healthcare events, senior citizen clubs and more.


Driving and transporting the Milbat staff to activities around the country, delivering special accessories developed by volunteers, driving to consultation meetings and house calls for disabled people and senior confines to their homes, and more.

Community relations

Collaborating and maintaining relations with special education, healthcare and welfare institutes around the country, as well as academic institutes, social organizations and more.


Translating information on the activities of the Milbat association to various languages (English, Arabic, Russian).

Video and still photography
Technical writing
Computer support



And more.

The Milbat volunteers receive great professional and personal appreciation from the tens of thousands of people who have been aided by our services. 
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We invite you to join our growing team of volunteers and contribute your knowledge and experience.

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