Azarim Information Database

In order to share the knowledge that the Milbat association has amassed over the years, in 2007 we founded the “Azarim” database – the first and only database concerning assistive technology in the world, in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic.
The entire site is available for free, and includes professional, reliable information on more than 17,600 items from around the world, enabling people to function independently in all aspects of life:

  •  Eating, drinking and food preparation
  •  Household management
  •  Safety and emergency measures
  •  Dressing and putting on shoes
  •  Walking, including canes, walkers, rollators, and standing devices devices
  •  Chairs and armchairs
  •  Beds, mattresses and bedsore prevention
  • Transfers items hoists and devices to and lifting assistance. hoists and lifting devices.
  • Accessibility solutions
  • Environmental control and home automation (“smart home”)
  •  Mobility assistance, wheelchairs of all varieties (daily use as well as sports, hiking, etc.)
  • Leisure activities, sports, musical instruments and hobbies
  •  Seeing and hearing aids
  • Rehabilitation, exercise and
  •  Personal hygiene, toilets, bathing and grooming
  • Driving accessories, cars and special vehicles
  •  Specialized communication devices, smartphones, tablets, computers and phones
  •  Apps, hardware and specialized software
  •  Supportive and alternative communication

Each entry is complete with a detailed explanation, measurements, a photo, and details of the manufacturer as well as where it is available in israel.
This information is in high demand, and the database is used annually by over 430,000 people with disabilities, senior citizens, family members, acquisition managers and rehabilitation professionals from Israel and abroad (mostly from Arabic countries and Europe).
The Milbat team is constantly at work keeping the information updated and accurate, and providing professional assistance to the thousands of people who approach for personal consultation regarding the appropriate devices for their needs.

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