The “Touching Sound” Project in honor of Itzhak Perlman

“This project is a serious challenge, requiring a great deal of planning due to the existing technological limitations. We all agree that this goal will require all of us to work particularly hard, and to open our hearts and mind, so that special education children can enjoy music in all its forms – they deserve it, and it both our duty and privilege to provide them with this ability.”
     – Yehuda Krawczyk, Milbat volunteer and head of the MLM Division (Israel Aerospace Industries) Milbat volunteer group

Music allows us to reach the hearts of children, particularly disabled children, and to create opportunities for shared social activity between children with disabilities and children without disabilities.

 In special education, music is often employed as a part of therapy (motor, emotional and social), and assist in self-expression and communication.

Physical and mental disability can often hinder the child’s ability to participate in activities, to hold musical instruments, and perform the actions necessary to independently play and enjoy them. Many of them have never had the opportunity to hold or touch real musical instruments, out of fear that they’ll break or damage them. 

In order to allow these children to overcome the disability that prevents them from playing an instrument (paralysis, trembling, weakness etc.), special accessibility adaptations are required. 

Milbat NGO has 35 years of experience voluntarily developing accessories and technologies for disabled people – including musical instruments. A team of occupational therapists and hundreds of volunteers experienced with design and technology are constantly assisting disabled children in their homes and at special education institutions: creating special accessibility adaptations customized to the specific disability, developing specialized instruments, arranging musical events along with volunteers from the community, and more.

 As a part of “Touching Sound”, initiated thanks to the donation by Mr. Izhak Perlman, teams of Milbat volunteers have been developing accessibility means and musical instruments for disabled children. All of the instruments will be donated on behalf of Mr. Perlman to special education preschools and schools. 

Thanks to this projects, these children can play music using an advanced multimedia system developed by Milbat, as well as experience a variety of string, percussion and wind instruments adapted to their requirements.

 We invite you to contribute, join the activities and help more disabled children in preschools and schools all around the country. 

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