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Milbat is a non-profit public association which operates all around the country with the goal of providing people with diminished physical capabilities to enjoy maximum independence, using the benefits of specially designed and fully customizable technology.
Milbat consists of a team of expert paramedics, as well as over 600 volunteers which combine technological and rehabilitative skillsets to provide a wide variety of consultation, developments, information, and guidance services to assist the elderly, and disabled people of all ages, to improve their quality of life.
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About Milbat

Milbat is a non-profit public association (registered association), operating across Israel since 1981 to provide disabled people of all ages with a customized technological environment intended to maximize independence.
Milbat is the leading Israeli group in providing rehabilitative and technological knowledge to provide a variety of services intended to improve the quality of life and functionality of the elderly and disabled people of all ages.
Through the use of special accessories and customized technology, we aim to assist disabled people to achieve their goals and independently accomplish everyday activities, both fundamental and mundane:
A stroke survivor with unilateral paresis can make their own meals, a car crash survivor who is confined to a wheelchair can look after their child, a child with CP can activate their tablet, etc.

Milbat was founded in the Sheba Medical Center by Professor Rafi Rozin (1936-1985), Head of the rehabilitation wing in Tel HaShomer hospital and chairman of the Isrrraeli rehabilitation association, and by Danny Barak, an engineer working at the Weitzman Institute as head of the scientific services department.
Ever since its foundation, Milbat has continued the legacy and vision of its founders, providing a variety of services:

– A consultation and information center, allowing anyone to familiarize themselves with the available accessories in Israel and abroad, and to make the right choice given a vast number of options. Our multidisciplinary team includes occupational therapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists, who provide consultation for the selection of an appropriate accessory to solve each person’s unique requirements. The service includes providing information on existing accessories (both commercial products and specialized products developed by Milbat), assistance in choosing the right one, the opportunity to personally experience the accessory, and information on where it can be purchased. 
 o The provided consultation covers all types of functionality: from wheelchair compatibility and various mobility accessories to personal treatment, communication, computer use, accessibility, bedsore prevention, and many more. 
 o Service is available in many languages at personal meetings at the Milbat Center in Tel HaShomer hospital, as well as visits from Milbat representatives in institutions all around the country, and house calls. The professional staff may also be contacted for consultation over the phone and via email. 
– In cases when no commercial solution exists which answers the specific needs provided, the challenge is referred to Milbat’s team of volunteers, which develops a specific accessory, fully customized for the provided requirements.
 – Apart from developing personally customized items, Milbat operates a Technologies and Accessories Development Center, in which new accessories and treatment measures are constantly developed, intended for use in medical, welfare and special education settings. These accessories are developed to answer needs and difficulties raised by the therapy teams.
 – Milbat’s industrial-social project, Petel, also develops groundbreaking products aimed at improving the quality of life of seniors and disabled people around the globe.
 – In order to share the broad knowledgebase accumulated by Milbat: 
 o The national internet database “Azarim” provides detailed on more than 17,900 different accessories around the world, available in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic.
 o Milbat operates a guidance and information center, which organizes demonstration booths in community events around the country; arranges talks for groups of senior citizens, professionals, volunteers and family members; organizes workshops and training for multidisciplinary teams, students and therapists. The activities are provided in several languages, and are specifically designed for each different group. On top of that, Milbat cooperates with various organizations and associations, The National Insurance Institute, welfare departments of local municipalities, JDC Israel, government offices, businesses and more, to organize special projects around the country.


Target audience

Milbat’s services are provided all around the country in different languages, and are aimed at:
 – Children, teenagers or adults with disabilities;
– Disabled IDF veterans;
– Senior struggling with diminished abilities due to age or a temporary or chronic illness;
– Family members and therapists;- Professionals and students from the fields of medicine, welfare, education and design;
– Teenagers who aren’t disabled (as part of our educational program for the promotion of social and technological skills for improving the lives of disabled people) 

Our volunteers

Milbat incorporates the work of around 600 volunteers from a variety of fields, such as electronics and engineering, medicine, computers, finance, design, marketing, law and many more. Our team of volunteers includes individuals of all ages, as well as groups of soldiers and employees of leading organization throughout the country.
We are proud to say that among our volunteers are many people with disabilities as well as family members of disabled people that have made use of our services in the past, and have decided to join and contribute their professional knowledge and personal experience to help others.

Over the years, Milbat has gained professional recognition and esteem from professionals, public associations, and the tens of thousands of people that have enjoyed our services. We are honored to have received the Presidential Voluntary Award, The Speaker of the Knesset Quality of Life Award, the Minister of Health’s Shield for volunteers, and many other awards for Milbat’s determination in promoting better quality of life for people with disabilities and special needs.
We invite you to contact us and help or be helped, here at the Milbat association.

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