Safe Home” Project”

Falling is a severe problem faced by seniors worldwide.
Contrary to popular thought, not only old people suffer from falling. 1 out of every 3 people aged 65 and above, and 1 out of every 2 aged 80 and above, fall at least once a year.
The number of senior citizens who are injured and die each year by falling is far, far greater than those injured in car accidents.
Treating fall injuries is very costly. In 2015, costs for falls to Medicare in USA alone totaled over $31 billion.
While it is known that most falls occur at home, unfortunately changes in the home and behavior – such as installing a handle in the shower, or avoiding climbing chairs in order to reach a high shelf – are usually implemented only after the first fall.
In order to change this, and assist senior citizens and those around them (family members, volunteers, professional caregivers) to improve the safety of their homes and prevent falls, we have started the “Safe Home” project.
The project, intended to prevent falling and improving home safety, has been operating all over Israel since 2015, providing unique services:

1. Develop easy-to-use tools that allow anyone (even someone with no prior knowledge) to check for themselves whether a house is safe by spotting potential hazards and knowing what to do in order to fix them:
  a. The “Milbat Home” smartphone app for checking house safety. The first app of its kind in the world, is available for free in both Hebrew and Arabic. For further information click here
  b. A booklet (printed version of the app).
2. An information hotline which provides professional assistance for any questions on the subject. Help is available via phone or email.
3. Brochures and other reading materials available for distribution at volunteer organizations and associations, hospitals, HMOs, senior citizen clubs, senior day centers etc. 
4. Lectures and information booths at professional seminars and conventions.
5. Workshops and training for multidisciplinary teams and students from the fields of medicine and welfare. 
6. Lectures for groups of senior citizens in rehabilitation centers and departments, senior citizen clubs, HMOs etc.
7. Personal guidance sessions for senior citizens, which take place in senior citizen clubs and done in cooperation with groups of volunteers (from work places, high schools and the military) who arrive for one-time volunteering and receive training from the Milbat staff.
8. Information and demonstration booths in health conventions and events, senior sporting and health events, medical centers, professional conventions etc.
9. Training volunteers, teenagers and national service members on how to check the safety of senior citizens’ homes. 
10. A database containing information shared by the “Milbat Home” smartphone app users about hazards and risks found in senior citizens’ homes.
11. Community and municipal activities in cooperation with municipal welfare departments and healthcare coordinators.
The project has been running since 2015, and has helped more than 15,000 people from every strata of Israeli society. It relies on the involvement of a multidisciplinary team including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and a group of volunteers trained for the post of “safety trustees”.

To join the project, and for further information, contact us.