Personal Stories

Erez Cohen

My name is Erez Cohen, 52 years old, from Petach Tikva, still trying to develop something that will help as many people as I can.
My first volunteering project at Milbat was helping a woman whose illness had affected the use of her legs to regain the ability to operate a sewing machine and get back to her work as a seamstress. I developed a specialized device allowing her to operate the machine with her thighs, instead of using the foot pedals.
Seeing her sewing again, and telling her husband that they needed to hang the “seamstress” sign outside again because she can get back to work, was extremely satisfying.
Volunteering at Milbat, I know that my knowledge can help people function and feel better about themselves. I highly recommend it, to anyone. Volunteering at Milbat is far more satisfying than any material thing. It gives you the opportunity to meet and work with other professionals from different fields, and witness simple, elegant ideas developed to solve everyday problems.